Lab members - Shantanu Shukla, MRDG, IISc

We are a team of scientists interested in understanding the mechanisms and consequences of interactions between microorganisms and ecologically and economically important insects. 

Shantanu P Shukla

Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor, IISc
Ramalingaswami Fellow
Head, Max Planck Partner Group

(Ph.D.) Indian Institute of Science,

(Postdoc) Harvard University; Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology


PhD program, IISc


Nikhil Krishnakumar

PhD program, IISc

Sourajyoti Pal

PhD program, IISc


Rajameenakshi Muralidharan

PhD program, IISc



Project Associate


Seema Yadav

Project Associate


Akash Kumar

MSc Life Sciences, IISc


Aranya Dhibar

Bachelor of Science

Kedhar Thyagarajan

Bachelor of Science

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Lab alumni

Anjitha CP (Project Associate)

Soujanya Nagendra (MSc intern, Bangalore University)

Babita Kumari (Int. PhD student, Indian Institute of Science)

Prachi Jha (Bachelor’s intern, BITS Pilani)

Sreyoshi Routh (Project Associate)

Kousik Mandal (Project Associate)

Asha Kiran (Project Associate)

Agna PK (Project intern)

Adhya Lakshmi (Project intern)

Nikita Kumari (Summer intern)

Nishchitha J (Project intern)

Akriti Agarwal (MSc intern, MSU Baroda)