Shantanu Shukla, MRDG IISc

beetle, bug, insect

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We are looking for applicants with self-motivation, scientific curiosity and passion for the sciences. Before applying, you are strongly encouraged to read about the lab’s research and to go through our publications. We use a combination of theoretical, molecular, cellular, behavioral, organismal and computational research approaches and welcome applicants from all of the STEM fields.

Summer fellows and interns: We are no longer considering applications for internships in the summer of 2024, unless you have been accepted through research fellowships from IISc, Indian Academy of Sciences, etc. Apart from these, internship durations should be a minimum of six months. 

JRFs: Interested applicants should send an email with a short description of their research experience, skill sets, along with their CV. Experience in histology, microscopy, or molecular biology will be advantageous.

Ph.D. students: Prospective students should check this link for eligibility, procedures and deadlines for the institute’s Ph.D. program. You can find out more about student life at IISc here. Students should be motivated and enthusiastic about life sciences. If you are interviewing at the institute and considering joining the lab, it is important that you write to Shantanu to discuss this further.

Postdocs:  Applications from independent and motivated postdoctoral candidates are welcome. If you are interested in applying for funding, or a postdoctoral position at IISc, or if you have a fellowship, please send an email with your interests and plans.

Our current projects involve studying the microbial ecology and molecular physiology of scarab beetles (subfamily Scarabaeinae) and scale insects