Microbiomes - Host physiology - Function

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Welcome to Shantanu Shukla's lab at the Department of Molecular Reproduction, Development and Genetics at the Indian Institute of Science


Our lab studies the causes and consequences of long-term associations between hosts and resident microorganisms. We use diverse approaches to elucidate the impact of the microbiome on host nutritional physiology, development, reproduction, behaviour and function. Our primary focus is on insects – an extraordinarily successful group of organisms that show complex and intricate associations with microorganisms. We aim to leverage insect-microbiome interactions to develop novel biotechnological applications in health and agriculture.

Lab news

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April’22 – Shantanu appointed as Head, Max Planck Partner Group

Nov’21 – Shantanu awarded the SRG Grant from the Department of Science and Technology

July’21 – Nikhil and Vaishally join the lab as Ph.D. students. Welcome!

March’21 – Shantanu awarded the Ramalingaswami Fellowship